Newest Items detail Block with 'Cover Media' field


I just saw the new item details block. I like it a lot that it allows different blcoks with either stacked or grid format. The very first field type is “Cover Media” and it doesn’t let you change the type.

I mapped it to a field that has an image, but its not showing up. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t understand what that media is supposed to be.

Hi @Tready yes, it is not possible to change its type as it’s a default field and it is supposed to work with files.
There are however, two known issues that still need to be fixed. One is connected with the SmartSuite datasource; currently, it doesn’t show images from there on the new blocks. The second one is the lookup field, as when you map it to that field or an Image type of field, it doesn’t show the image as well

I am also experiencing the issue with the cover media field in the new grid list block not rendering the image from an airtable lookup field (this field works for images in other list blocks).