Newby looking for some guidance

Hi there, I’m Ian and I’m a newby to Softr and slowly learning the ropes and hope to use Softr for many websites and apps. However, I wonder if anyone can help me, as I’m starting out and getting a little confused, even with the most basic of apps to be build. Basically, I’m setting up a app for UK motorway (Highways in the US) and just need display a list of all the motorway (I have the list) and then when the user select which motorway, they then select what junction of that particular motorway they want. After that, they will then be able to reviews the results. I just wondered if anyone could give me some tips on how I need to set this up in Softr. Thanks in advance. Ian :slight_smile:

Hey @IanG,

I would be glad to give more details on how to setup it, but I need to clarify something first.

By selecting the junction for the certain motorway, do you mean selecting a category? If not, can I please ask you to clarify?