Newbie SEO questions: embeds, collapsible block

Hi there! A few newbie questions:

I have a site ClimateTechList- curated top high-growth climate tech companies (in webflow) that has a softr page embedded in it:

Currently the softr page just has one “list with 3 columns” block

The block has collapsible text that only expands when the user clicks on each entry.


  1. Is there a way for google to index the text that shows up when a user clicks on each entry?

  2. is there a way to allow the user to cmd/ctrl+f to find text inside the text that shows up after clicking on an entry? I see that all the text is already loaded in the HTML anyways, so it should technically be available…

  3. How does the iframe embed affect SEO in general? Does the content inside the softr app (i.e. list dot climatetechlist dot com) get indexed and affect the SEO of the main site (i.e. climatetechlist dot com)?*

  4. How does embedding a block vs embedding a page affect SEO (given my page has only one block, I could go either way)

*I’m only allowed 2 URLs on my post as a new member so hence typing out the URLs :-/

Hey @steven,

  1. Here is an informative article about your question, perhaps you will find more details here.

  2. I would suggest using another List block, on the List with expandable cards this can be hardly achieved.

  3. The article provided covers this questions as well, if you have some new questions after reading this, you please, let me know.

  4. This is an iframe embed, perhaps this article will be useful.


Thank you!

for #2, the items wouldn’t be collapsed though, right?

Yep, they will not @steven :slight_smile: In this case I think this option will work smoothly.