New user creation from airtable form

I have a client onboarding form that is custom built on my webflow website. We collect a bunch of information, including email, name and others.

When a user completes that form, all the information is being passed to airtable. What I’d love to do is pass them through to my softr app without having them sign up or login. In other words, programmatically create a user from the information they shared and redirect them as logged in into the softr app.

Is that completely unreasonable, or is there a way I might be able to accomplish that?

I could have them sign-up via softr first, but that’s going to require me to rebuild the entire flow which I’d rather not do.

Hi, did You look at a Make scenario?

I haven’t yet - are there any instructions somewhere that I might be able to follow?

API to create users could be interesting way to do it: API Settings - Softr Docs

Already solved?