New signup doesn't instantly create Magic Link in Airtable

Hey guys,

I want to send new users an instant magic link via email to confirm their new user, log in, and then create a password in my app.

Unfortunately, the magic link only synchs the new user and provides the magic link when I open the users page, and it is being synched.

Has anyone figured out how to do this or are there any Softr plans to improve the synch so that these changes are reflected in real time?

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Hi Tim,

The new user is created from Airtable or from a Softr sign up form?

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Hi @Tim_ClimatEU i haven’t tested this yet, but can you try an alternate flow where you use the call api action to call Softr API to create a new user with a magic link included? That might be a more immediate option for you?

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I’m building the signup via the new forms, so the sign-up comes through Airtable.

Is there any way to do this in combination with the sign-up form? :eyes:

If you are using our conditional forms, then you can save to your DB and then use an Airtable automation to hit our API to create that user and magic link, and then send them an email with such results, potentially?

Haven’t tried it yet, but should work in theory?

Don’t think you can do this with the signup form from first glance.

I had no idea! Is there a guide to how to hit the API using Airtable automations? Or do I need to script it?

Thanks for looking into this @Jjenglert :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you can find here: API Setup and Endpoints – Softr Help Docs