New page path returns 404

I’ve recently changed the URL path of a page from:

New URL path returns 404. I tried duplicating the page and adding there the new path but also 404.
The old URL path although no longer visible on the Softr studio still works. So my guess is URL paths are not being updated.

Please help :smile:

I just tested this, and didn’t hit the problem you are hitting.

A very common mistake here is to make a change to the URL path but forget to publish the change. Any chance that’s it?

Also check out the URL redirect feature under settings / seo if you want to have existing links to the old slug be redirected to the new slug. (Unfortunately this feature doesn’t seem to be in the docs.)

@dcoletta thanks for the quick reply! Works now :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Either i actually didn’t hit publish or there was a delay. Sorry for wasting your time!

No problem!

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