New page opening in Modal after form submission, instead of on main app

Hi there,

Not sure if this is a bug or an intended feature, but either way I hope this is helpful:

What is happening: I am using the modal feature to embed a form that my users utilise to create a new item in a list. On form submission, I want to redirect them to a specific page so I have selected that, on Form submission, the Action of opening a specific page.
What this creates is that the specific page where the users are being redirected opens up INSIDE THE MODAL, instead of closing the modal and taking the users to that specific page in the main app.

What I believe should be the desired behaviour: after submitting a form in the modal, the page where users are being redirected to should be in the main app, not in the modal.

Thank you for your continued support and for your amazing work with Softr!

I’m facing the same issue.
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I’m having the same problem.

Hey all,

It’s not a bug, this is how it works.

I can suggest to setup the option open external URL and select the page which you would like to see after submit.

Hope this makes sense.

Hey folks, we will discuss this internally and see if we want to change this behavior for form submission to open the next page in the main window.

I was able to have a three page sequence within a modal but a month ago. Did something change?

@Tready not yet but will change soon. after modal submission, the new page will be opened in the parent window. This might affect your flow, unfortunately.