New List Block ⚡️

Hey everyone! JJ here with some exciting news – we just launched our brand new list block, and it looks fantastic!

With the list block, you have plenty of options at your disposal. You can change the layout, decide if you want to click to expand or always show expanded, show dividers, and include secondary or main sections, titles, and subtitles – and so much more.

When you preview it, you’ll see that it provides a slick, flexible experience for your users.

We hope you love it as much as we do! Dive in, check it out, and let us know your thoughts and feedback.

You can also view a quick video tour here.



Very nice. Thanks!!
More than 2 full buttons on the card would be great…

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Thanks for your comment @jaspijk ! Unfortunately 2 full buttons are the most that will be coming at the moment. We are trying our best to ensure our design system allows our users to make beautiful designs quickly, and this is one of the design patterns that we’ve identified to keep all apps looking good.

Thanks Softr! I’m presuming the new ‘Grid’ should be used more for mobile while ‘List’ is more for desktop/tablet?

Existing versions were never explicit about which list blocks should be used depending on the view, resulting in a block with wonky formating when intended for all 3 views (desktop, tablet, and mobile) at the same time.

Hi @Ben

Not really. We designed both blocks to be mobile optimized. So really, it’s how you want to display your information: if you have a text heavy list, maybe go with the listing blocks; and for visual first lists, the grid block would work great!

Do these blocks’ search features have the ability to hide list items until something is searched for?