New element on list > Post on social

Hello there.
I have created an automatism where new items are automatically added to Airtable as new rows. Now that I have connected it to Softr, I was wondering if there was a possibility to automate the last step: Publish the details section of the new item as a link on my socials (e.g. Twitter, Telegram, etc…). Maybe using Zapier or (Or similar). That way the user who clicks from social lands on my site (made with Softr) in the “Details” section of the new item.

Thanks in advance

Hey @designempire,

I think this will be possible with Make or Zapier, just found this Zapier example.

Thank you for your reply.
Of course, there is no problem using the ‘New row on Airtable’ trigger. The problem is that I would like to use the link that Softr creates for the details section of the new element as a trigger.
For example, in the “Job Listing Website” template (see the attached image) you can share the “Details” screen of that particular job (or new item).
I believe that the new item on Softr then has to generate an action or Webhook (or similar). Any ideas?