New data source - SmartSuite

I have been playing I’m with SmartSuite recently and very impressed what they have built so far. Seems they are on the right track and adding new features pretty regularly. It would be nice to see them added as a data source for Softr.


The more data sources the better, I just hope the next softr move includes a data source more shaped toward an enterprise database system.


Hey @Nick,

Thanks for your feedback, I will add it to our Request list :slight_smile:

At the next “living event”, Lizzie told us, that if there is time enough, Gareth would explain about if Smartsuite would be a real alternative to Airtable. I played also with it, and it works very well


The more I play with SmartSuite the more I want to switch from airtable, however being they currently don’t have any options for a portal or front end it is holding me back :frowning:

I see @Nick,

This isn’t something that can be implemented soon. The feature request is added :slight_smile: