New Calendar Block is so exciting!

Hello, I am thrilled about the addition of the calendar block! Thank you!! It’s present state doesn’t meet my needs, but with the following changes this would be huge for me:

  1. Conditional filtering (like with lists) where I can make it specific to the item shown elsewhere on the page
  2. When you click on the title of the event more details - if I could even specify 1 other field that would be adequate for me to create a concatenated field to display all the necessary information, but at least 3 fields display and a “make changes” button that would allow users to modify the information or link to another page that would have a form.

Thanks for the constant improvements!


Please note that this is still the beta version of the Calendar block. we are currently working on it and we will add many new improvements.


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All the above suggestions will come soon :slight_smile:

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Yay! :woman_cartwheeling: