New block update issues with conditional filters

Hey team, after the last block update the conditional filters stopped working for me. I have a block that I haven’t updated and with the same settings and filters works perfectly. Could you please look into this?

Thanks for your help.

Hey @vitolerede,

I will try to check this on my end and also will discuss with the team to find the issue.

Meanwhile, can I please ask you to mention the page URL where you updated your list block?

Will keep you posted once having an update on this.

Thanks for your response Suzie - it’s a gated page so I’m not sure you’d be able to access it but this is the URL

I also have another URL with the list block not updated and the exact same settings and it works just fine.

Thanks for fast response @vitolerede, may I kindly ask you to DM a magic link to me?

Was there a resolution on this? I have the same thing. I placed both list detail blocks (updated/not-updated) on the same page. Old block works fine, new block shows nothing.

@Suzie can you share if there was a fix ?

@Davey we have done many incremental fixes over the last few weeks. For your particular case can you pls DM me a magic link to check and details to check ? I assumed the page is gated

Hey @vitolerede,

If you still face the issue can I please ask you to send me a magic link?