New Asset Library

GREAT, I see you’ve enriched the Asset Library and THANK YOU :slight_smile:

What would be great for future updates is :

  1. Uploading multiple files simultaneously
  2. A link on the interface to open the library directly (instead of selecting a block that contains images and clicking on an image).
  3. Folders
  4. And a list view

Thank you :slight_smile:

And something to think about:

a) Why not be able to centralize ALTs at the level of the media rather than where it is used?
b) Possibly modify the slug for direct-access media, such as pdf files :wink:

Hi @yannick, thank you too for highlighting the change :tada:

I will pass your feedback to the team for further consideration especially when we constantly improve our existing features on top of adding new ones.

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Just an addition to my previous request list: it’s still impossible to see which file corresponds to what.

If we could have an overlay with

  • the original filename,
  • format and
  • size,

that would be very handy thanks :slight_smile:

Related to the above capture:

  • I don’t know which PDF this corresponds to
  • I don’t see any distinction between the SVG and PNG versions

Hey, indeed, we still did not add any new improvements to the assets library :confused: But, we agree with you that the mentioned features will make building apps easier and will do our best to include them in our next year’s roadmap.

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