New Airtable Pricing

Have you seen the changes to Airtable’s pricing plan?

What do you think? How does it affect your work?

I’m on the Pro plan >>> Teams plan. I think I’ll be able to keep the work I do for my non-profit org well within the new limits per base/workspace - at least for what I’m currently/planning to build…but as I get more adventurous, I’m not so sure…

Given that there is now a lower limit on API calls, can anyone tell me whether this has any impact on how we Softr (or the Softr API) interacts with Airtable?

Generally, if you use an Airtable connection (API Key, PAT, or OAuth) with a Free or Team plan user/workspace, then Airtable API limits still apply; hence, we would recommend using either a Team or Business account/workspace to avoid hard API limits from the Airtable side.

That being said, you should be fine on your current plan!

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Honestly, it feels worrying. It seems like a clear move from airtable to focus on bigger enterprise customers. Sure, the teams plan works for now, but it is still unclear to me if there are certain demands connected to the business plan like a minimum number of users like there is on the enterprise plan. And with the restrictions on api calls etc being up for change whenever they feel like it, it also feels worrying.

I got one project coming up later this year for a customer, and I think they will hit the 50000-limit in maybe 5 years. So using airtable in that case seems unreliable, not knowing how expensive it will be to upgrade.

A lot of people are mentioning NocoDB as a good open source alternative, but then we need a softr integration of course :wink:

A lot could happen in 5 years (or months…or weeks)!

Have you had a chance to try NocoDB? What do you think of it compared to Airtable?

So far, no, I have not. Since it so far a selfhosting solution, I have not had the time to start an instance and try it out. But it has been mentioned alot now when there has been a lot of discussions around Airtable, and it looks promising from what I have seen in documentation etc.

It would be good to understand a prioritised list of data sources that Softr are planning to integrate with. Is NocoDB on that list? It would give users an opportunity to explore options knowing that Softr are working on such an integration.