Nest a list in an item from another collection

Hi everyone!

I’m building theatre fans gated community. In Airtable, my data is organised like this:

  • Venues
  • Shows
  • Performances

For example, Theatre A has Show B with 3 performances on 1 day, 2 performances on day 2, etc…

I tried different things to organise the content as I’d like in Softr, but I can’t do what I’d like:

  • List the shows, sorted by earliest performance of any of them
  • In that list, on each show, list the performances available. That I managed to do, I just would like a bulleted list instead of tags or text

I already have a view in AIrtable for the performances happening after yesterday, so I only current performances.

Any tips on how to display the items how I would like them?

Hi @Cedric welcome :slight_smile:

Would the linked lists help ? Linked Lists - Softr Docs