Need help with filtering and display data based on selection from previous page with Airtable.


I am new to the Softr platform and using Airtable to store the data.
I am however stuck on setting up the listing page so that when the user clicks on one of the labels on the Label page, it will redirect to the list page with all the releases under the selected label.

I tried to follow the example shown on this page but it doesn’t seems to work:

Here is my label page:

Releases list page:

And here is how I setup the release data in Airtable

This is for the “Label” data. The “Media” field is added automatically when I create the “Link to another record” field in the “Media” table.

I have added a “Link to another record” field and a “Lookup” field from the Label. However, I still cannot get the correct result for the table display with the conditional filter.

I am wondering if there is something I am doing wrong here. Any help is appreciated.

Hi -

If I understand you correctly… You want to click from the Label to a page that lists all Releases for that Label, correct?

If so, you don’t actually need the records linked in Airtable. But, you need to have a common identifier (which linking ensures!)

From the select Label page, the action should be to open the details page. On the details page, in the first block, include a little information about the label. Then add a new list block. For that list block, add a conditional filter to show only the results that have the same “Label” as the record on the page. I can’t recall the exact term. But, you’ll have an option beyond the “Logged-in user” option when you are on the detail page.

Hopefully that helps. Even more hopefully - maybe you’ve already worked this out. :slight_smile: