Need help sending form data & user info to Zapier

Hi guys, so I’m currently creating my mvp using softr, airtable and zapier. It’s a review generation app that allows users to send sms requests to their customers. After filling out the onboarding form users are taken to payment page where they subscribe. The onboarding form has all the user details. After I mark a User as “paid” in airtable they have access to the review portal where they enter the customer name and number.

This is where my problem comes in. I can’t seem to find a way to send all the data to zapier in order to send an sms with twilio. I’m able to send customer name and number but I would also like to include logged in user details that are stored in airtable like Business Name and Review Link to be passed along with the form submit. I’ve tried using hidden fields but the data doesnt show up in zapier. I also tried to add a prefill field but cant seem to get the data from airtble into the field.

So after a user enters the name and number in the review portal form i want to send an sms with multiple variables using a twilio template and zapier. It would read like

“hi {customer name} thanks for choosing {logged in user BUSINESS NAME}. Could you leave a review by clicking the link below? {Short URL review link}.”

Hi @monocode have you tried to test it with preview or live mode outside of Studio ? When sending test data to Zapier via studio it sends limited data only few fields.

Wow it actually worked lol! The funny thing is that I put off working on it for like a month because I couldn’t get pass that. My “app” is now complete. Only thing is that I wish stripe was in my country for me to implement subscriptions. I’ve found a workaround by linking externally to lemonsqueezy but then I still have to mark users as “paid” in airtable in order to grant access. Maybe we can get a lemonsqueezy integration one day :slight_smile:
Also, I think there should be some type of message letting users know that about the send to zapier function. I thought I was doing something wrong with hidden fields.

Again, thank you so much for the help!