Need Help regarding a Summary Dashboard

Hi All,

I am building a portal for my clients who will be opening the portal for their agents who help students in for getting admission for higher studies.

Ask- They want a simple dashboard nothing fancy similar to the summary block which will summarize the different statues for the agent and how many students are mapped to that particular status.

Airtable structure:
I have 10 different status mapped in my DB, i have 100 students which will have either of the statuses. Also i have 10 agents to which there 100 students are mapped.

Issue: The current summary block will not suffice for me as we need to show data specific to the agents who logged into the system. I have created the summary table in Airtable for different statuses but it is summing the values for all agents and not the specific user.

IS there i can bypass this an create a small custom code similar to custom block where i can filter the data on the basis of the user?