Need clarity around SEO

I have managed to get some featured snippets for some pages in my Softr projects, but those were static pages, not dynamic pages.

I know that there are possibilities to build programmatic SEO into my Softr projects and I have watched the YouTube tutorial detailing how to do this as well.

However, even after following all of these practices, I don’t really know if its working.

If there could be more details around SEO and Softr that would be great.

For example, do the SEO: Slug, Title, and Description fields need to be single-line text field type? Or can it be a formula field?

Also how can I verify these pages will start being indexed?

I’m no SEO expert but some more documentation around this would be super helpful.

@colefortman field type doesn’t matter formula will be great as you can join some advanced content.

You can use Google Search console to verify indexing state

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@colefortman when you think of checking SEO status or rank you must to consider reputated tools like or - they are market leaders and definitively can help you. But if you only need to check snippets, then just Google it.

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