Need a way to make a global filter

Hi Guys,

Scenario, where there are filters which will work as global filters of the entire page.

Page Content:

  1. List Block
  2. Map Block
  3. Table Block

Ask: Need to put global filter at the tip and on the basis of that selection, the data should be displayed in the entire page. There is no way to do it right away, i guess. There are options for global search and list URL, but those are not solving my purpose as on selecting the filter the URL is not changing, which it self is not solving the purpose.
I am not sure if you guys are doing anything on this or not, but it should either be some type of custom code that will help achieve this thing. If at all i am able to get the URL working on selecting the filter options that also will work and solve the problem.

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Hi @akshatbandlish

The best we have at the moment to accomplish something like this is filtering using URL parameters. You can find more here: List Filtering with URL – Softr Help Docs

Hope this helps you!

So where we are putting the options i need put the code, so when it is clicked, the URL changes is that right? Can you please guide with the steps?

My ask is when user select the filter, the URL should change, that is it. Can this be achieved with inhouse inline filters. or We have to create a complete filter for it.