My website can't be crawled - SEO stopped to work

We use paid Softr plan and we have around 190 pages in our website.
Our website:

We crawl the website to check errors and fix them for better seo but crawlers can’t find links anymore on my website (they just find 8 pages) I tried 3 different crawlers and result didn’t change.

  • All search indexing toogles are on.
  • When we create new pages, it is not indexed in Google because Google can’t find new pages.

It is big problem for us, need a solution from Softr team please.
Thank you.

I saw this link in another thread but I think it will help you. SEO needs to be set up in the data source.

Hi @bekir

  1. Have you set up google search console?
  2. Have you ensured the static pages are indexed in Softr?
  3. If you are using dynamic pages, have you ensure to add a column in Airtable or so with 0/1 value telling google to index the content?