My web site is not accessible

Hello everyone,
I have been struggling since the start of the day to create a web site that I plan to develop into an office rental management application.

So I created a site ( and softr was really really great.
I then added my domain name “agora-cenon. com”, and finally I created the DNS records (A / @ / and CNAME/www/ on the admin console of my domain registrar.

I thought I did everything right but here is what appears when I try to access my site:

  • Index of /
  • [ICO] Name Last modified Size Description
  • Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80

The cause of this problem seems to me to be in the settings in the registrar console but I do not know how to identify this cause.

As you have understood, I am no more an expert in computer science than in molecular biology… If anyone has an idea to direct my research, I would be very grateful!

Hi @Laurent can you please, remove the AAAA record that you currently have? That might help.
If it doesn’t, I would recommend contacting your DNS registerar

Hello Maria,
It’s really nice to advise me!
I immediately try to remove the AAA and let you know what happens.

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Many thanks Maria !
It seems to work !
I will do some tests.
Thanks again,

Well no, it seemed to work but a few seconds later : image

May I please, kindly ask you to contact your DNS registrar then? this is not connected with Softr

Thank you Marie for your response. I will contact my registrar and I will let you know what is going on.

Everything is ok now. Probably the DNS propagation time.
Thank you for your help !

Glad to know that it is operational now :heart_eyes: