My Sign up page doesn't work. I can't map the passwords to my airtable

Hi I connected my softr project with my airtable everything is working expect the password.

Which field is needed in airtable to map the incoming passwords from softr?

Are you using a Sign Up block? That looks like a Form block.

You can only take new user signups with a Sign Up block.

(I’m on phone, sorry if I have misunderstood.)

Hi @Melih password field is mapped to Softr’s internal storage and not in Airtable. It’s not possible to map it into airtable for security reasons. Softr contains user’s email and password and vie email field get’s connected to your Airtable’s user table and it works seamlessly without exposing passwords into Airtable.

Hi @artur now it makes sense. Thank you!

Thank you @dcoletta yes the block was correct.