Multiselected inline filters - show only results that match all filters

Hi everyone,

I’m using the amazing Property Rental Website Template for my project. On the page ‘Browse Hosts’, I can select multiple filters to narrow my search of hosts. However, it seems that when I select multiple filters, I will see any host that matches at least one of the filters (e.g. if I choose filters ‘Clean freak’ AND ‘Sociable’, I will see any host that has the label ‘Clean freak’ OR ‘Sociable’). I would like to see only hosts that match all filters (if I re-use the example, I want only hosts that match ‘Clean freak’ AND ‘Sociable’). Is it possible?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Ok solved. For every label I created a new filter (i.e. in Features → Inline filters → Add filter).

Hi @adess, thank you very much for the update and solution! Enjoy the app!