Multiple types of users?

I’m building a website that has an optional membership feature. If one becomes a member, one is either someone who offers a service through the website or one can be a customer looking for people who offer a particular type of service. With all user data being stored in Softr, is it possible for a new member to indicate whether they’re someone offering a service or someone seeking a service when they sign up? I suspect it’s not possible but I thought I would ask.

It’s possible if the Softr’s users are linked to Airtable.
In Airtable add a field ‘Profil’ (i.e.) and than you can use this field to make your users groups in softr .

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Agree this works really well already. Just have a ‘role’ or ‘profile’ field in your Airtable and set up the page to only be viewable with certain user conditions. There’s good documentation in the Softr docs for this.

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Thank you for your replies. I’ll dig into the documentation further.

Dear @robertfdev,

Did you make it work? :slight_smile: