Multiple Nested List Detail Pages


I’m trying out Softr to program an app for a survey application. Each survey has 3 focus areas, and each focus area has 3 categories, and each category has 4 questions.

So what I want to do is start with the Survey overview, which will show the 3 focus areas. If you click on a focus area, it will bring up the 3 related categories that make up that focus area. If you click on one of those categories, it will bring up the 4 questions that make up that catetory.

This is all defined in Airtable as 3 separate tables, with one-to-many links downward, and one-to-one links backward. That is, the Focus Area table has a one-to-many link to the Category Table, and the Category table has a one-to-one link back to the Focus Area table.

What’s the best way to accomplish this in Softr?

Thanks so much!


Hi John, I would suggest using Linked List – Softr Help Docs | tutorial that way you will connect 3 different Lists/or Table blocks with the respective conditional filters(make sure to use lookup field and not linked record for the filters) and show related data from 3 different tables. Do your redirections from one list to another with Open page action button