💡 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Payment Links

Hey Softr community! ::wave:

A lot of people use Softr to build marketplaces but there is no viable way to facilitate payments between buyers and sellers, aside from using Stripe Connect with Make. I’m considering building a no-code tool that generates payment links for multi-vendor marketplace payments in your apps.

I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts and whether or not this would be a useful solution. If you’re interested and think you’d use a tool like this, please fill out my survey and let me know your thoughts below. Thanks!


Thanks for checking on this @willem

Have you also posted in slack ?

I’ll go ahead and do that, thanks!

Also if anyone is interested in a solution, I built a landing page that you can sign up on https://vendor.so.

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Any updates?

@willem great idea. I paid for early access. Any updates on when launch might be?

Hi Willem
I’d be interested in chatting to you about this - we have a payment solution with a ‘wallet’ solution - where we can facilitate the payment mechanism you refer to.


Hi Bryan,

Do you have a site I can have a look at?