Multi User Registration - Company Membership

We want to offer a “Company” membership that will allow them to pay for 5 users.

$xxx = Company (up to 5 users)

Once they pay $xxx through stripe checkout, how can we give them access to sign up each of the 5 people? Do we have to do this manually, or can we create a form that populates airtable but knows they are under the company’s paid account?


Checking to see if there is any solution to this.

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I would be interested as well.
I currently try synching Stripe subscriptions to Airtable automatically; from there, you could extract the email domain, and then run an automation that looks for that same email domain within your users.

You could then count the amount of users that have been linked to that domain and set up an email to yourself, once the user has more than five domains signed up.

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