Multi-user item tracking based on common database

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a site to allow users to track their collections of in-game items in a video game I play. The devs don’t have anything like that at this time, and I think it would be a good addition to the online tools we have. What I’ve done is create a G-Sheets database of those in-game items which is categorized based on various criteria. I’ve already spent a few hours building out the pages for the site and adding tables that pull in the data. Now, I’m sort of stuck. I would like to be able to have people log in, and then tick off boxes as they collect items. Then, I want to ‘award’ achievements based on completing sets of items (armor sets, skin sets, manufacturer sets, etc). From what I can see so far, someone ticking the “Status” box in the chart would mark the item as collected for everyone. Please let me know what you’d recommend. Thanks!

The old saying, “There’s lots of different ways to skin a cat” comes to mind, If I’m following you correctly, I think you are going to need a better database than G Sheets to do what you are trying to achieve, or at least you are going to need to set it up in a different way and/or use an outside automation resource. Firstly, each user needs to have their own unique record (row), then the items collected would need to be a different column in that row or linked to another record in a relational database. Once they check the box, you want it to ‘trigger’ a different action, you would need that to happen through an automation such as a script, zapier zaps, make or airtable automations.


I suppose in your G Sheet, you could have a formula in a different column, that when box A is checked, Box B = something else, then in Softr, you only display column B.

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