Multi step signup

I’m creating a multi step signup form for our website. And I would like to ask the person to fill out some information in a form, then click the next button to create the user profile (sign up form). I do need these seperated in two different forms, and the order needs to be that the signup form is last.

How would I do this? The goal is the have a single row in airtable which shows that the person who filled out the generic form, is the same who filled out the signup form.


For this, you will need a complementary table in airtable that will be linked to your users table.

Then, as soon as the user is registered, he will be redirected to the second form, and continue filling in the information. The second form will have a hidden field, collecting the record id of the user that is filling the form.

Then since ‘users’ table is linked to the ‘second step’ table, the information that the user enters will show in the fields of your users table right on the same row.

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