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I recently started to use softr and good experience so far. One thing I have been looking at is if it is possible to move a website form one template in softr to another rather than rebuilding all. Is this possible? I searched help but no mention of it, so perhaps that is the answer. If anyone has any ideas that would be good.
If it is not possible, can you add a community to any template or best to start again? Asking to avoid wasting a lot of time, if anyone can advise that would be much appreciated.


Hi @Edward. We avoided adding a feature allowing to move the whole template to another app and instead allow copy pasting blocks from one app to another by using Copy action so that it wouldn’t be an extra work for users to then delete all the blocks and pages that they don’t really want to use.
Another option would be embedding pages and blocks from one app to another

As for your last question, can you please, clarify what do you mean by adding a community to any template?

thanks Maria, I will try that.

What I seem to have done is pick a template that is good for a website but does not have community options. I am now looking to start again on a community template. So I need to copy over what I did or add community to the one I selected. Maybe I am missing something here?


@Edward So you can preview our Community templates by typing Community in a search bar here, choose the one you need and then copy paste the blocks that you want to from there to your already created website or vice versa, depending on how many blocks you need to use from Community template and how many you already have created in your website.

Thanks again Maria, I had totally missed that blocks copy menu option.

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@Edward you are very welcome, no worries. :slightly_smiling_face: