Move Search bar and Filter dropdown menus

Request 1. The ability to move the search bar below so that it is in the position of the green box I have drawn. (See 1st screenshot below).

Request 2. The ability to spread out the 3 dropdown menus more evenly across the page underneath the wide search bar. (See 1st screenshot below).

Request 3. The ability to make the length of the dropdown menu longer so that users can see more of the options available for selection. (See red arrows in the 2nd screenshot below)

Search bar and search menus
Search bar and search menus 2

I think these are great requests. Hope they can add it to the roadmap. As a workaround, since Softr has embeddable blocks, one thing you could do is to use Softr for its extensive database capabilities and you could build the ‘pretty’ part of your website on other tools that offer more flexibility (eg. Webflow, Wordpress, etc.)

Thanks for your reply. I’m very confused by your comment for a couple of reasons, I’d really appreciate your additional feedback on my comments below

  1. "Use Softr for its extensive database capabilities"
    I thought the extensive DB capabilities ultimately stem from Airtable (not Softr), right?

  2. "Build the ‘pretty’ part of your website on other tools that offer more flexibility"
    The main reason I decided to use Softr was to avoid multiple tools. Since I hit a few bugs with Softr (my launch is currently delayed until their Support team work on a few things), I have since found out about Wix “Repeaters”, which is their terminology (confusingly) for the Resource Directory Blocks which are pictured above.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Correct, the database capabilities do come from Airtable, not Softr. Softr creates an easy way to view this Airtable data. I think that by their very nature, these ‘no-code’ tools come with limitations. So far, Softr is the most flexible I have come across when it comes to integration with Airtable though (and trust me I’ve been looking for a long time). What I found is that people often rely on ‘stacks’ to effectively create what they want. At the end of the day, Softr really just fetches data using the Airtable API. If you know some JavaScript, you could technically do this yourself (I don’t know any JavaScript). I hired a developer to help me create an MVP for a front end for my Airtable in the past. I spent thousands of $$$ and many months to essentially build something that I have replicated in a few hours on Softr. If you’re looking for other no-code tools, this website offers a great list of such tools to help supplement areas where Softr might have limitations: Cheers.

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@jfanou Thanks so much for your detailed reply, that was REALLY helpful.

Like you, I’ve also created a Directory that would have cost me a few thousand dollars not long ago, but did it myself in 10 days on Softr.

That no-code website you gave as an example has given me a great idea to modify my categories a little to make it look more visually like what I was aiming for.

Once again, thanks so much for your help.

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