Move records up and down in a list block

Hi all :smile:
I am trying to figure out a way to be able to move records up and down in a list block, similar to how you would drag a record up or down in Airtable.

The app I’m building requires users to create checklists for projects, and I want them to be able to freely arrange each record (task) afterwards if needed.

Does anyone have any idea on how to achieve this?

I’m guessing there is no proper way of achieving this, but I did just come up with a workaround that might work for some of you needing a similar function. It definitely brings me a bit closer to what I need.

I created a number field (Position) for each record to sort it by which automatically receives the value of an Auto Number field when it’s created.
Additionally, I created 2 Checkbox fields and 2 Formula fields.
The formula fields are stating the position of the record below or above (Position -1, & Position +1).
The checkbox fields are called “Move Up” and “Move Down” and act as the trigger for 2 automations (move up & move down).
I added a find record step that looks for either the record above or below based on the Formula field values. Depending on which checkbox was checked off, it replaces the Position field value of the found record with the trigger record Position value and then updates the trigger record Position value with its own Record Above or Record Below formula field value.

So basically when the “Move Up” Checkbox is checked, it switches the Position values of the trigger record with the value of the record above and vice versa with below.