More than 100 records in dropdown please

Please prioritize this task : add more than 100 dynamics records on dropdown it is highly important because there aren’t any solution and personally, I’m currently stuck on scaling, I’m willing to pay more if you add the feature, many users reported this needs too.


Hey @Charle, thank you very much for your feedback. I added it to our improvements list with a high priority. Please follow this public roadmap to track down upcoming features:

We really hope so you add it ASAP team, this task is so much important… sounds like mandatory even


@Marine.Hovhannisyan is there any update on increasing the number of records in a dropdown list? I want to display the list of countries (for updating record via action button) but cannot have the user select the country name past “L”. Could we please get an update on this? Thanks!

@rebeccajane @Charle, we will have this very soon. To clarify, we show 100 and search on the top right. So the search is not meeting your needs, and you would like to scroll and just see more I guess, right? (Like loading on scroll)