More impactful landing page

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Softr.
As far as I’ve seen, Softr is limited if you want to create a visually appealing landing page, like you could do with Webflow, EditorX, and others no-code tools.

I’m building a marketplace and would like to know if anyone ever tried to have a landing page outside Softr with hyperlinks to Softr’s signup, login, logged pages, etc.

  1. What was it?
  2. Concerns regarding SEO?
  3. Any other thing to pay attention to?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Max,

Softr indeed is not yet super granular when it comes to design elements compared to webflow likes… I can share for which is build on Softr and has 100K+ monthly traffic from SEO.

Hey Artur,
Many thanks for replying and sharing.

Probably a beginner question (who couldn’t find any good answer out there): would splitting my marketplace in such a way (non-logged landing page elsewhere, and all logged pages at Softr) even work?

Could that impact SEO? Any tips?

*I’m not a developer but also not a beginner at no-code tools.

To be fair I can’t tell much about marketplaces (better to check how etsy, ebay are doing it) but for SaaS very common to have and and separated

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Many thanks again, Artur!