Moderation capability for Edit record with Google Sheet as base

Hi, I have Softr app with Google Sheet as base. User can see listings, add and edit record for the public listings.

I’ve applied moderation for Add record by setting a flag column in the Google Sheet, which if isn’t marked TRUE, then the record won’t be shown in Softr app listing.

I want to do the same for Edit record but haven’t found the way, hacky or through the Softr feature. Has anyone encountered this?

Hey, do you mean that when a user presses the Edit action, he/she should see the listings only linked to them and not all the listings?

No, I mean anyone can Edit anything, however that Edit needs to be reviewed and approved by Admin before it is applied to the base. I’m building a crowdsource feature for community, where everyone can add new information and also review information provided by the community.