Modal Opening A New Tab

Whenever a Softr Modal has a button in it, that button opens a new tab when clicked. Even though it is set to simply open a different Model or page. You can see this by clicking one of the listing below and then trying to “VIEW PROFILE.”

Has anyone else come across this behavior before? Or know of a way to have a Modal NOT open a new tab? This is a a huge issue when embedding because it takes users off or our main site and to our Softr site.

SITE: https://www. atria-advisorloans .com/marketplace-2

Thanks for reading!

Yes I came across this behaviour, a lot and this is really an issue. Before, it didn’t do it, meaning we could have part of the user journey inside a modal


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I’m glad it’s not just me! Thanks for chiming in. Hopefully this can be addressed soon. It makes embed with Modals nearly impossible.

Hi @LUDLOW @matthieu_chateau
Some updates were done to Modal recently, let me double-check why this change was taken. I understand it might be required for you, I will ask the Product and Dev team to review adding this feature back.

Will keep you posted once I have any news. Hope the timing would work for you.

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That would be great. Thank you @Viktoria!

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