Modal close X too small

Recommendation more than a bug!
Close modal X needs to bigger plus often disappears from view when scolling
Not easy to use on touchscreens


Totally agree with this.
Besides, we should be able to close the popup by clicking outside of it, a must need feature

Concerning the X disappearing: it is due to a double scroll bar behaviour (maybe you don’t have it on Mac…). I asked it to be removed (so that the behaviour would be like on mobile device)

We will have both issues addressed early next week :slight_smile:

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@artur Thanks for removing the second scroll bar! Much better!

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Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Did not manage yet to let you know and you already know it! BTW slider window is coming soon too. Instead of modal one can have a slider window…

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I guess you’re talking about one of my feature request to have the lateral modal (Like in Notion) ? If so :


Very good for the end users experience

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