Mobile friendly forms

Hi all,

Curious to hear your thoughts on Mobile friendly forms: I noticed that the default ‘Customizable Form’ does not make use of the native iOS dropdown.

Can you think of a workaround or any other form that would work better on Mobile?



Just to mention that we are going to improve Softr forms, I will discuss the feedback you have left with the team surely :slight_smile:

Will keep you posted once having an update on this.

Thanks, Suzie. Keen to learn more once ready.

Hi @Suzie , curious if an update to the filtering/forms is on its way? Unfortunately noticing high drop off rates - especially on Mobile as the filtering is not intuitive. E.g. try

My suggestions would be:

  1. Make use of Native iOS/Android drop-downs
  2. Display selected values (e.g. ‘Germany’ (X)), so it is easy to undo a filter
  3. Make the search box independent of the filters. Right now people apply filters that lead to an empty result, and then try to search instead (which is currently scoped to search within the (empty) result set only)
  4. On Mobile, allow positioning of the search box on top of the filters (as on Desktop) as this is much more intuitive

Glad to share relevant HotJar recordings too if helpful.