Mixed list item action missing

we have the possibility to edit a record or the possibility of using the “single-click update” to push a pre-definite value to a specific value of that record, but we do not have the mixed solution.
Let assume a logged in customer want to modify a parameter of a record and we want to track who did that modification, basically today the only way to do it is asking the customer to edit the parameter and also to insert his/her email because I do not have the possibility to let him/her modify just the record and silently track the email address when he send the modification.
I think it would just be enough to add a “end action” action that is able to send a parameter when the record is modified.
Do you know if Softr is implementing this?

Hey @Programmer89, sure, we already have such a possibility to “silently” collect the user emails who made the data edit.

You will need to use the hidden fields feature when the user updates the data and his/her logged-in email is also being sent to your data source. You will learn more about how to configure this feature here: Layout: Customizable Form – Softr Help Docs

Hi Marine,

I do not need to use a form to do it.
I need the user to work on an existing item.
So, the user should be able to open a detail item screen and push some button to do actions on that specific item and I need to keep track about who did that action.
Process is like this:

  • I have a list of items
  • I create an item button
  • I can decide between “edit” and “one-click-update”
  • if I decide to use “edit” the user must manually insert the field he/she wants to change
  • if I decide to use “one-click-update” the user pressing the button will send a specific pre-determined parameter to the specific field of the record

what is missing is the mix of the 2: it would be enough if Softr allows to set a one-click-update action during the “on form submission”, so the user can modify manually the fields of the item he want and when the form is submitted I can save the user email who did that

I hope I’m clearer now

Thanks a lot

problem of using a form is that the form add a record to my backend, but instead I need to modify an existing one

Does someone from Softr help on this topic please?