Missive Email integration similar to Retool

Has anyone done an integration with Missive’s email solution? They offer a built in integration for Retool, but I’m hoping we could embed a Softr app within Missive to work similar to the Retool one.

Hey Benjamin, if you can embed Massive’s features, then, you can try using our Custom Code block to add the Massive’s embedded codes into your app to make it to work similar to Retool.

Thank you Marine, though, this is the inverse of that.
Softr would be embedded within Missive not vice versa. It seems like it would be a pretty straightforward application, maybe we just need to work with a partner to get it done??

Hi Benjamin, embedding Softr blocks is quite easy to perform, so you can build your app in Softr and then embed the blocks. You will learn about how to do it here: Page and Block Embed – Softr Help Docs