Mise à jour en un clic ➜ mise à jour ➜ fermeture de la fenêtre modale

It would be nice to have an option to close the modal window after updating a field :slight_smile:

Hi @yannick actually we added one-click update so that you will not have to update the record on modal and then also close it afterwards. Perhaps you meant ordinary Update record?

Hi @Maria ,

My one-click buttons are on a modal window. So once the action is done, it’s this one I’d like to close :slight_smile:

And as you can see, I have to display a text once the value is changed to tell the user that he can close the window.

@yannick ah ok now I understand. Basically you are opening the page in a modal where you have that one-click update button and you want the modal to close automatically once the record is updated.
I will go ahead and add this as a feature request

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