Migrating User table in Airtable

I recently consolidated my user tables in Airtable into 1 table. My original configuration looked like this:

  • Table 1: Synced to Users in Softr
  • Table 2: Contains all data for each User

I’ve modified it such that Softr’s auth table is mapped to Table 2 (Table 1 is effectively obsolete). However, I’ve noticed that when I delete Users from Airtable, they are not removed from Softr. I also noticed that the conditional filters to sort Users into User Groups no longer works (I’ve checked multiple times).

Is this a bug? Or is this how 2-way sync works between Airtable and Softr?

@keymaker deleting users should be done only from Users tab. If you delete them in Airtable, they are not deleted in Softr as it happens without confirmation and there is a possibility of deleting records accidentally. So we made sure that the users won’t be deleted in Softr as well and lose access to the app If such thing happens.
As for the user groups, can you please, confirm that the users meet the conditions you set and you publish the updates after creating user groups? only after publishing the user group is assigned

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I went ahead and deleted the Users from Softr, which seems to be working (not being re-added).

Yes, the User Groups condition checks a single field and I’ve copied and pasted the text in the Airtable field verbatim (same capitalization, ensuring there are no additional spaces or punctuation, etc.). Just to confirm, I need to publish the app in order for the User Groups to be applied?

For context, here is the conditional filter for one of the User Groups in Softr:

Here is an example User in Airtable:

Here is the same User in Softr:

@keymaker exactly

Publishing the app updated User Group assignments. Didn’t make the connection there re. user table logic (published vs. unpublished). Thanks!

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