Migrating to two-way syncing

Hello all,

I’m considering taking the plunge to enable two-way syncing, however, I’m cautious of opening a can of worms if it goes wrong for whatever reason.

However, I’ve also realised I would have to make some adjustments, as ideally I wouldn’t want my whole contacts syncing onto Softr.

For Context - how I have my site currently set up
Users who register for an account have limited access. They effectively have the same access as a guest visitor, except with an ‘Awaiting Approval’ sticker on their header and are greeted with an ‘Awaiting Approval’ splash screen on member zone pages. I then grant access as registrations come through.

One consideration I have is to do with not wanting to sync all my contacts. Not all of my contacts in Airtable have registered / asked for an account on my website, however, If I were to enable two-way sync, all of them would effectively have an account created. So, if they tried to register, they would find they would already have an account, which they would certainly find confusing.

This has got me thinking, perhaps I should (or should have do in the first place) have a separate Airtable Softr Users table in Airtable, which is then linked to my primary contacts table.
Has anyone made this change? Or operated like this from the offset anyway? I’d be interested in your thoughts if so.

My last question, will two-way sync eventually be forced on users? If so, I may as well go ahead with finding a solution and getting on with it.

Cheers for any feedback!