Method to Create Time Date Stamp Hidden Field in From

I am building a voting application and wanted to capture when the vote was cast and by whom. It was easy to create a hidden field that captures the user name and inserts it into the data target for the form. The hard part came at trying to include the time date stamp.

I know that there is a way to use the record creation date in Airtable, but I needed something more flexible as my organization uses Google Office, thus meaning Google Sheets. This approach will work with almost all data sources I have checked.

On the Data Source Source Table, I added a field that is “CurrentTimeStamp” to every row. The formula in the field in the Google Sheet, also works in Excel, is “=now()”. Yes, it is adding an extra colum or field in the row.

The detail form that I created uses fields from the original data source as hidden fields, such as application numer. I added the CurrentTimeDate field as a hidden field. It basically converts a dynamic field to a static field when the form is submitted.

This approach does not work in preview, one must be in live situation.

Hope that helps someone else out. Hopefully the pictures help. While the CurrentTimeStamp shows all the same value, it refreshes on load and then is stored as a value when submitted.

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Thank you for sharing this with us. Our team is also working on a way to include this creation date within Softr to make managing this field easier on you all. We hope to launch it in the coming weeks.