Marketplace Bookings

I’m creating a marketplace where companies can list vacancies and customers can book them. I have it set up so that companies can create a vacancy which creates the vacancy record in Airtable. Where I’m getting stuck is on the booking side of things - how do I create a form where the customers can book a specific vacancy and have their name appended to that vacancy in Airtable? Ideally I want the booking form to just give the option of the dates for which there are vacancies rather than an open ended date view, in order to avoid accidental bookings on dates there isn’t a vacancy - is this possible?

Hey @gvp ,

Perhaps you can add those dates as multiselect fields and the users will be able to choose between them within your form. Does it make sense?

Let me know if I miss something.

Hi @Suzie, yes that does make sense but the problem is the field won’t update automatically so every time a vacancy is added or booked I would need to amend the drop down list. This could be 10-15 times a day so isn’t really practical. Is there another way to do it?

I had thought about a possible workaround where you could only book the vacancy from the vacancy list rather than a generic ‘make a booking’ link and then that way I could carry the date over into the booking form from the click through but it does limit the functionality for my users.


Perhaps you can integrate a 3rd party tool to achieve this.