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I want my users to have an option to mark a list item as “used”. Our site has lots of items for users to open and teach lessons with. I need a way for them to press a button and assign that status to an item, so that whenever they are looking at a list block, they can clearly see which items they have used before without having to open them up. They will also have the option to filter by “used” or “not used”.

I am playing around with how to do this with the new action button. Any ideas?

We’ve got a very similar use case that I’m working on now. We’d like our users to be able to select or deselect items from the list. The action buttons looked like they would be helpful to accomplish this, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. I think it might be possible if the button could be configured to simply pass the logged in user name to a field in Airtable that matches the list item. Then an airtable automation could remove the items clicked from the corresponding users “selected” list. Right now the action button seems to be confined to either updating or adding records, rather than allowing users to select or deselect from a library of records to compile a custom list.

@James to clarify, a user marking a list item as “used” is a status specific to them as a user, but that “used” status wouldn’t necessarily apply to another user who hasn’t used the item before?

Precisely. I imagine something like them pressing a button that automatically puts their name into a field attached to the item. Then the item will automatically display a thing saying ‘used’. I’m guessing conditional filters would be needed.

Unless there is a smarter way around it

@James I believe you will need a junctional table first, so essentially you’ll have a third table that keeps records of every individuals relational status to an item. Each individual’s “Used” status is stored in the existence or non-existence of a junctional record, that’s how you prevent that status from applying to other users with respect to that same item. I sketched out a quick outline of how I would at least start piecing together this solution and then start tweaking/tinkering from there:

With respect to the “button” it would be an action button connected to the dynamic list block displaying educational item uses. So when you click an action button like “Mark Item As Used” is will create a new educational use record where you identify the educational item be used and the person using it.

Its a rough solution that needs to be ironed out more for a cleaner user experience (being able to pass hidden fields with action button forms would certainly be helpful here @artur ?), but this should get you pointed in the right direction.

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Hey folks,

We are working now on additional actions like Delete Record, Update Fields (Mark as done will be this one) and features like hidden fields, button icons etc…

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