"Mapped table can no longer be found..."

I have a site built with several components link to a table with one name, ex Employees. I developed the app for a while, then changed the table name in Airtable. This broke the connection and I began getting the error, “Mapped table Employees can no longer be found.”

I have since relinked to the newly named table, and it seems to be working fine, but I continue to get the error referencing the old table name.

Hello there,

Renaming a base, table, or field in your data sourc causes connected blocks to lose their connection. Unfortunately, this means you’ll need to remap these blocks. If you’ve already remapped all the blocks but still encounter the error message, please navigate to the Users section of your app. Edit the Users table connection and remap it again. It’s likely that the Users table hasn’t been remapped yet.