Map on list detail page


Having some problems, apologies if it’s an easy fix.

I am building a directory website, and when I display a map in the ‘listing details’ page, it shows the pin locations for EVERY listing. I want it just to display the currently viewed listing.

Any workarounds?


Hi Josh!

Once you’ll add a Details block to a listing details page, then in the Map block component you should be able to refer to relevant list pins are related to, by setting a conditional filter.


Airtable setup:

  1. Lists table having 2 groups of pins:

  1. Map table having 3 pins

  1. A page listing the listings:

  2. A details page with - that’s the critical part - List details block in it

And a map with a conditional filter:

Now I can refer to Lists in my conditional filter.


Details page for List 1:

Details page for List 2:

Hope this helps!