Managing multiple users groups for one user

We are currently rolling out our app internally to our nonprofit organization to get users interacting and providing feedback on functionality prior to making it publicly accessible to donors etc.

There are many different user groups, with some individuals belonging to more than one user group depending on their team assignments within the organization. The problem I’m running into is setting up the logged-in user menu visibility because I cannot change menu link visibility based on user groups. My initial solution was to create a different menu for each user group. However, with a separate menu for each user group, certain individuals that meet criteria for more than one user group see two different menus rather than a collective menu of the links/pages that their user permissions give them access to. Anyone have any useful ways to work around this problem? Its a major roadblock at the moment.

Other than the ability to add group visibility at the menu link level, I can’t really think of a way this is going work…

Hey! Did you figure this out by chance? I’m running into the same issue and not seeing an immediate solution.

HI @RyanRad I hope I don’t run into this problem. I’m not offering my 2p, sorry.
I’m writing because I was interested that your Users can be members of more than 1 User Group. Do you use a multi select field in your User table? Mine is currently a single select, but I’d like to switch it over. Didn’t want to break things if I do.
Many thanks

Answering myself. I changed it around and nothing appears to have broken